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Down In The Dumps

Squidward’s face is how my insides feel.

I’m not sure if this phrase (in the blog post title) is used by all who speak English, so I’ll explain it. It means I’m feeling down/in a bad place. Melancholic.

For a start, I know I can’t complete NaNo, but I’ve still got more written than when the month started. However, I’ve already picked flaws in what I’ve written, so nearly all of it will need to change. I thought I had planned out my chapters well, but my chapters are really short and that is also very annoying. It will come on the second draft, but I also have an inability to describe scene/character clothing. If I didn’t tell you it was a fantasy, you’d probably assume one of my characters was on the run in modern day. The only ‘dating’ thing used is a flint spear.

But my writing pursuits aren’t why I’m down in the metaphorical dump, it is still university life. I’m not liking my own head anymore, two and a bit months of my own head is too much. Also, I’m still bored, and I feel less enthusiastic about my course everyday. I’ve just got back from the library after three hours of revision for my exam today, which will no doubt go poorly.

My mood has been frustrating me, as I only pick out bad things in things, like why am I used the word ‘things’ all the time?! Everything annoys me. Plus, it dawned on me today that everything living you touch dies… eventually. That’s a bit poop, innit?

Maybe I’m just on my male time of the month, that’s lasting more than a month. It sums it up when my favourite parts of university have been 130 miles away at home, watching the TV.

Oh, and also, I’ve been ill this last couple of days. That has been getting right on my moobs.

My blog is my release at the moment, so expect more posts like this. I have a day off tomorrow, I think I might go to a museum, and then I might go to the cinema to see Philomena, Jackass, Gravity or Thor (even though I thought the first one was boring and eventless, and I didn’t particularly love the Avengers. Plus, it completely negated the ending of the first Thor film. I can pick a hundred holes in that film). I want to see Dom Hemmingway, but that is out here on Friday. And then, at the end of it all, maybe I will get some more writing done.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.


World Building: Eliador Weaponry

In my attempt to do things relevant to my novel, other than writing my novel like I should be, I decided to design weaponry for Eliador, a town in Newhaven (TWO NAMES, I’VE BEEN ON FIRE!). This is the hometown of three of my five main characters.

Due to having no official army, weapons are made on demand, with anyone able to pay a blacksmith for their skills. However, there is a town guard, who use this. None of the settlements on Newhaven have ever been at war, but guards are necessary for law enforcement, and also for fighting/defending against tribes that roam the open expanses.

Also, bows, spears and axes are popular as they can be used when hunting. Swords are less common for commoners, but used in the town guard.

I am an awful artist, but I’d say I have above average skill on Photoshop, so I used that to create the designs:


Green and white are the town colours of Eliador, and the chequered look emblazons its flags/standards. Everything is fairly simple due to costs. Most of the cities on Newhaven are ‘free cities’, with no tax. You earn money through effort and trade. If you want say a sword, then you go chop some wood, and sell it. Their is a chief/head of the town, as men are made to follow, and need a leader.

Due to provision of Iron and cost, plate armour isn’t used, instead a lighter leather alternative is used. Those with enough money often buy chainmail.

I hope you like it!