Map: The North

Hello world.

I have started to do more work on the maps for my book, and I thought I would share The North with you today. I have still got a few things to name, including the name of the continent. The known world in my novel consists of two large continents and a few islands. This is the top half of the largest continent:


(Clicking on the map will enlarge it in a new tab.)

It took me freaking ages!

The process:

1. Designed the world on Photoshop gradually as ideas for my story unfolded.

2. Print it out.

3. Trace it with pencil, draw where things need to be.

4. Take photo of hand drawn map.

5. Upload to the computer and trace the hand drawn map with a brush on photoshop.

6. Draw every single mountain and tree. Yawn.

Hope you like the map. I’m no cartographer, so I’m chuffed with it.

I’ll upload the next part of the map in a couple of days.

Enjoy your day!


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