My Views On Animal Testing.

Hello guys and girls. I’m currently sat procrastinating, if you can call it that. I’m avoiding important things by doing nothing, which is probably less enjoyable than the important tasks once I get into them. So in an attempt to cure said boredom, I bring you this blog!

Animal Testing. The thought of the sight of a chimpanzee, trapped in a tiny cage for six months and longer, just to be killed, isn’t very nice. Torture, isn’t it? They don’t have a choice, they don’t get to volunteer. When I get forced to tidy my bedroom I feel violated and tortured, but imagine that. But, animals aren’t humans.

My view on Animal Testing is that if it is testing for cosmetic reasons, like testing lip stick and foundation on monkeys, then it is wrong. Categorically, undeniably, wrong. But animal testing for medical reasons, I’m all for it. It’s a shame a few, or tens, or hundreds, or thousands of animals die, but it benefits even more humans. Such tests have helped people with Alzheimer’s, for example. A member of my family had it, so I might. I’d feel a lot more happy and less worried at the thought of it if I knew there were treatments which can prevent or slow deterioration. Even Peter ‘Babies Are The Same As Animals’ Singer said that you can’t argue with treatments if they show tremendous improvements.

People who say they are against animal testing because of the harm to animals or death of animals cause a huge problem. Where do you draw the line? They’re dying for a good reason, for us anyway. A lot of people will be against testing on rats, but if they had a rat problem in their house, they’d probably call the exterminators as quick as possible. What’s more beneficial, dying to improve medical knowledge, or being exterminated for pooing in your garage?

Also, people are against testing on monkeys, but not necessarily other animals, because they’re like us. What makes a monkey’s life more important than a rats? What makes a rats life more important than a fly? That’s the problem there.

Having said this, I don’t want the animals to suffer pain, so I hope it is done with as little pain caused as possible. Also, I don’t want the animals to die for no reason, I hope that if they have to die they die for beneficial reasons.

Sorry I’ve started to go off on a tangent, I haven’t really planned this out… But to conclude, I’m against animal testing for cosmetic reasons as I think it is unnecessary. So what, a few humans may come up in a rash in the testing period, just give them small compensation. But, I’m one thousand percent for animal testing for medical reasons. I value the life of my species above that of others…

Just think. If your parent, grandparent, child, niece, etc. was ill. Who’s life is more important, their’s or some animals?

Thanks for reading.


3 thoughts on “My Views On Animal Testing.”

  1. This question always messes with my head. On the one hand, the life of someone I love (mother, father, friend, etc.) is definitely more important (in my important) than some random animal. On the other hand, I hate the idea of thinking, feeling animals being locked up in cages and tested on until they die. So … mostly I just try not to think about it, lol.

  2. I actually agree with you. I believe in certain levels of medical testing. I don’t agree with how those animals are currently kept; handled poorly, fed poorly in tiny cages with no stimulation. In the lng run if we care a disease for humans in an animal we also cure that disease in animals so it is better for everyone… But I disagree with the way lab animals are kept and think laws for welfare should probably be enacted.

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