I’m Writing A Novel!

It’s officially started. After 18 months of planning, and one failed attempt at an old story which I will later restart, I’ve finally put pen to paper. It’s only four paragraphs, but it has started. I’ve got those dreaded and hard first words on to a page and I can crack on. I’m excited by the challenge.

I’ll give you all a brief overview of what it is about. Basically:

  • It’s a fantasy story (I’m not sure which branch of fantasy to categorize it in yet) which follows four characters – three siblings on one continent and one girl named Eryn on the other continent. It follows how they’re all pulled into a war by the unlawful change of a powerful king form the most powerful country.
  • The main antagonist is the new king, but another surprise antagonist will later emerge…
  • I plan for it to be a trilogy. All of book one is planned out, most of chapter two and the middle and ending of book three.

When I have completed and edited my first chapter, I’ll upload it here for all to read. Also, I’ll soon upload the completed version of my world map, so you can get a feel for the world.

I look forward to this journey.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you keep a check of my progress! x


5 thoughts on “I’m Writing A Novel!”

  1. First of all, congrats! Writing a book is awesome. You’ll love it.

    Secondly, your story sounds really cool (from what little I’ve heard of it, lol). I’d love to hear more about it — I guess I’ll have to follow your blog to find out! 😀

    1. Thank you so much, it really means a lot!
      It’s my first novel I’ll be writing, and hopefully I’ll write a good book and enjoy the experience!
      Thanks for following, I’ll update when progress is made!

  2. I am writing my first book right now. It is SO fun…I can’t wait until I graduate highschool so I can devote more time to writing it. Have fun writing!

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